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TESTIMONIALS (voice and accent coaching)

"Helen is an absolute treasure! She is extremely patient with you, knowing you’re trying to learn a whole different way to speak. I love how knowledgeable she is which helps make the different accents make more sense when you’re learning. If you’re looking to improve, learn from scratch or even freshen up your accent... look no further!"


"Helen was my first VO coach, and I immediately felt that she valued our time and our interactions. She is extremely friendly and kind and clearly demonstrates a wealth of knowledge about acting in all categories. Has a beautiful coaching style that I found extremely helpful. She’s very encouraging and positive but also can focus on your weaker areas to make improvements. I’m very happy we met ! I’m looking forward to growing our relationship and learning so much more from her"


"Helen completely shifted the way I do VO auditions and more importantly taught me to enjoy them and have fun. It was a dream working with her. She is specific, kind and truthful with a lot of love and encouragement - just what we actors need! Thank you Helen!"


"I recently had a voice coaching session for voiceover with Helen Kennedy. She is direct and quickly got me to understand the nuances of my character. I look forward to working with her again!"


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