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Voice + Accent coaching

Helen is currently coaching actors from all across the globe on the art of voice and screen acting as well as British Regional Accent work. She loves nothing more than empowering an actor by training them in a fun and lighthearted way that fully explores the power of the voice and dialects while, at the same time, always making you feel comfortable and supported. That is when the voice can be fully released and exciting things start to happen! 


So whether you're a complete newbie, a seasoned actor or someone who is looking to feel more confident with public speaking, feel free to drop me a line and let's get those British accents SMASHED! 

Specialities include: Neutral Scottish (Glaswegian and Edinburgh), Yorkshire (Leeds), Heightened RP, Neutral RP, Cockney, Liverpudlian, Dorset and the Standard American Accent.

Check out the TESTIMONIALS pages to see what Helen's awesome clients are saying! 

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