Helen Kennedy

Height: 6ft

Hair: Blonde, curly (mid length)

Eyes: Blue/Green




Film and TV

VHYES, (feature film), Bree Jones, Jack Henry Robbins

LIBERTÉ: A CALL TO SPY, (feature film), Anna Buckmaster, Lydia Dean Pilcher

WASTED SEED, (short), Emma, Nino Mancuso

WHORE: TABLE #6, Harriet, Nino Mancuso

INTOLERANCE: NO MORE, (feature film), Kate Hensen, Sergio Guerrero Garzafox

JELLYFISH, (feature film), Martin's Wife, James Gardner

AWAY MESSAGE, (short film), Georgina, Lizze Gordon

FATEFUL, (proof of concept), Helen, Soni Mizrahi

THE MINISTRY (TV comedy pilot), Khyan Mansley, New Form Digital, LA

SKIN DEEP (short film), Millie, Tim Willrich, Adrift Pictures

GHOSTED (short film), Maggie, Nev Pierce, Fox Club Films

HI-LO JOE (feature film), Anna, James Kermack, Sonder Films

LONDON UNDERGROUND SIGNALS, (short film), Caroline, XO Digital/Samaritans

THE CAR WASHER (short film), Christine, James Gardner, NFTS 

SAFARI (short film), Lucy, Gerardo Herrero Pereda, Canal + / Dynamite Films

GOING UNDER (short film), Renata, Toby Paton, Fox Club Films/Incendiary Pictures

HUNTED (TV), Lianne Wells, S.J. Clarkson/Alrick Riley, HBO/BBC/Kudos

MIND MAZE (short film), Louise Adkins, Met Film School

A MOST MYSTERIOUS MURDER (TV), Kate Kenworthy, Dominic Santana, BBC

SNOWBLIND (feature film in development for 2016), Issy, Tristan Ofield

FROM TIME TO TIME (feature film), Nellie, Julian Fellowes, Ealing Studios

25Gs (feature film), Hayley, Baldwin Li, Honlodge Productions

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KIERAN (feature film), Naomi, Steve Murphy

CREEP KILLERS, (feature film), Pepper, Phil Claydon, Mercury Films

PLENTY MORE FISH (short film), Jackie, Tony Durston




Basic Spanish


Flawless US accent

Excellent ear for accents

Strong swimmer

High Level of Fitness

Mezzo Soprano

Stage Combat (Basic Sword and dagger)

Horse riding

Comedy sketch writing

Comedy improvisation


Painting and sketching

Bread-baking and Chef's Assistant

Voiceover / Video Game

WORLD OF WARCRAFT SHADOWLANDS, 3 key roles, Confidential Entertainment Company

RACOON LAGOON (Occulus), The Phoenix, Formosa Interactive

BARCLAYS BANK, Animated Host, Simeon Quarrie, Vivida Productions

HOW TO INVEST, Presenter/Walk Through voice, Fidelity Worldwide Investments

LEGAL AND GENERAL, Presenter/ Walk Through Voice, Legal + General UK
THE SIMS 3, Fashion Designer/Host, Neil Bennett, Signal TV

INDIGGO, Executive, BOGADA, Danny Kaufman

TRUE CRIME CHANNEL, The Bride, The TV and Film Company/Sony Pictures

VAX HOOVERS, Sarah, Laurie Smith, Aspect Film and TV

NISSAN QASHQAI, Presenter, Carl Lyttle, BDDO Paris

FIDELITY INVESTMENTS, Various, Ongoing work

PHILEAS FOGG BUBBLE CHIPS, Gail Bosses' Wife, Alison Maclean, Park Pictures

TAPTU, Courtney Huddy/US News Anchor, Tareq Kubaisi, Nice Shirt Films
SAINSBURY'S, Snow Queen, Jamie Rafn, Smuggler
THE SIMS 3, Fashion Stylist, Neil Bennett, Signal TV

Training & Workshops

BA (hons) Theatre (Acting) Bretton Hall, 2003

Rob Watzke's Turbine Arts Collective - Monday ensemble

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